Did Pastor Adeboye ENDORSE Osinbanjo in 2014? Youtube Video Sparks Controversy!

By on January 31, 2015

This 3 min video involving Pastor Adeboye and His wife speaking at Prof Osinbajo’s church in 2014 has gone viral with people claiming the G.O KNEW what was coming, and had given his blessings to Osinbajo in advance.

To make this even more dramatic, President Jonathan was actually VISITING PROF OSINBAJO’S CHURCH at the same time and was present when Pastor Adeboye seemingly endorsed Prof Osinbajo with strong words of praise.

As for me, in as much as I support Buhari and Osinbajo ticket, I do NOT see this as an endorsement for politics by the G.O or his wife at all.

This video happened in 2014 BEFORE any talk of an Osinbajo for VP talk started and I dont think Pastor Adeboye ENDORSED him for politics in my own opinion. As far as I am concerned this is much ado about nothing. However this is the season of politics, and politicans are having a riot over this short innocent video and it is my duty to keep you informed!

In any case, as I always say to my readers,  dont take my word ofr it or accept my own judgement on the matter, you can watch the video for yourself below and decide!

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