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Today we give you TOP REASON #9 on why JONATHAN MUST GO and  why his lack luster government must be voted out on March 28th.

No country can expect to take any giant leap forward without having a strategic direction for key elements of its corporate existence. Sadly for Nigeria, in the last 6 years, President Jonathan has fumbled from one policy direction to the other on critical strategic issues that would have helped our country move forward.

In many key instances, the Jonathan Government missed opportunities after opportunities to get it right due to its incurable short sightedness, and infuriating penchant for continuously feeding the gluttonous cabal that seemed to have held our Government hostage for last 6 years.

Yes, it’s time for Jonathan to go as we count down to change!

Too often President Jonathan’s declared intentions were a cross purposes with the actions he actually took on many issues thereby exposing himself as absolutely clueless in running our great country. So, Jonathan must go!

When President Jonathan was elected for a full term, after serving out the last 2 years of the Yar Adua presidency, he told us he would BRING A BREATH OF FRESH AIR into the governance of Nigeria. He regaled us with his promises of TRANSFORMATION. However, in the 4 years since his election, we didn’t get any fresh air, and neither did we see any progressive transformation in any area of our lives. Instead what we got was more of the same ineptitude in the management of key areas like education, power, security, unemployment, currption that he showed in his 2 years of completing the Yar-Adua term.

President Jonathan thinking second termRather than giving us a new approach, President Jonathan basically institutionalized the worst in our government. The concept of Due Process was jettisoned for ‘sectional SOUTH-SOUTH process’. Indicted criminals were seen still peddling influence at Aso Rock, and even going on foreign trips with OUR President. The worst of the fugitives were even awarded the highest Honors Nigeria has to offer.

In 6 years of the Presidency of Jonathan Goodluck, most Nigerians can still not discern any strategic direction in our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. Schools are often for months on end without the federal government breaking the deadlock between teachers and school, or between students and schools. In the Goodluck Jonathan era, a 4 year university course has been extended to minimum 6 years, due to incessant school closures. The government even closed schools for week for no justifiable reason during a particular economic conference!

In over 6 years, very few can discern any strategic direction in our HEALTH SYSTEM at the federal level. Our government hospitals have become hospice centers where patients go to die instead of getting better. Doctors regularly go on strike, and our president has no blueprint to deal with the problem in any strategic manner other than to threaten the sack of striking doctors and nurses. Even as we speak, our doctors are on strike in many states.

In over 6 years, Jonathan could still not articulate a coherent policy on handling hte embarrassingly high LEVELS OF UNEMPLOYMENT FOR GRADUATES/YOUTHS in a nation that is the biggest economy in Africa on PAPER. Apart from killing scores of them in a sham employment interview with immigration service, the best the government could come up with in 6 years was the SURE-P program that allowed our graduate youths to be paid subsistence levels, while they pad the bank accounts of different companies, in a form of subsidized payroll for companies. There were no real programs to empower the graduates to become self-employed or get respectable jobs befitting of the hard earned education. Jonathan must go!

In over 6 years, few people could articulate a strategic direction in the MANAGEMENT OF OUR EXTERNAL RESERVES and our external borrowings. The Jonathan government has systematically raided our foreign reserves to the point where it is almost nonexistent while it continued to borrow more money for projects that were never executed

In over 6 years, the Jonathan Government has not been able to articulate a strategic direction for dealing with GLOBAL OIL PRICE CRISIS where crude oil prices continue to fall daily. Furthermore, the government has no strategy to deal with the divisive oil subsidy regime that continues to rob the country of scarce resources as the oil cabal continues to exploit loopholes in the system with impunity. When things got tough, Jonathan’s only strategic move was to stop paying the subsidies the govt contracted for, and when the importers called his bluff and stopped importing fuel, he quickly paid them their money and now we are back to square one. Jonathan MUST go!

In over 6 years, Jonathan has not been able to give us a clear strategic direction in AVIATION other than spending huge amounts of money to physically expand airports, without fixing the real problems with infrastructure and maintenance. For instance, most airports appear upgraded but the air conditioners and moving escalators in most airports do not work and most of our local airlines are still flying old outdated airplanes that are nothing more than flying coffins! Surely Jonathan must go.

In over 6 years, the Jonathan government has not been able to articulate a progressive direction in our ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Despite Nigeria being regarded as the 2nd or 3rd biggest entertainment industry in the world, we still have no strategic direction on critical issues as PIRACY, PRODUCTION, and DISTRIBUTION AND FINANCING FOR ENTERTAINMENT VENTURES. Towards the elections, Jonathan started doling money to some entertainers and dance Shoki with them, instead of building structures to enhance business in that sector and check the incidents of piracy.

Again, while the whole world was going with multiple COLLECTING SOCIETIES to enhance competition and take care of different types of COPYRIGHT HOLDERS in the entertainment industry, the Jonathan government dubiously awarded SOLE COLLECTION RIGHTS to ONLY ONE collecting society with less than 20% of copyright holders (COSON), to the exclusion of an older collecting society with more than 70% of copyright owners (MCSN). When aggrieved copyright owners went to court and won in several courts, the Govt refused to obey all court orders against such a backward decision, simply because some government workers had ownership interest in the sole collecting society. This lack of strategic direction MUST stop! Jonathan has to go.

In 6 years we still do not have a strategic direction for dealing with THE ISSUE OF INSURGENCY IN THE NORTH. First the president denied we had a serious issue with Boko Haram; then it ignored the problem altogether for months, then the government chose to blame the opposition for the Boko Haram problem and when Nigerians showed Jonathan they were going to vote him out due to his lack of achievement as a President, he used the Boko Haram issue as an excuse to postpone the elections for 6 weeks!.

Still on the Boko Haram matter The Jonathan Govt LIED to Nigerians many times about the seriousness of the problem. They claimed MANY ITMES that they had killed the leader of the rebellion only for the rebel to show up on video many weeks later mocking our country for all the world to see. The clueless government once scheduled a training exercise with USA and then cancelled the same when the Nigerian government could not deliver on its own side of the contract.

In 6 years, we did not have a workable coherent strategic direction on POWER. The government in its trademark cluelessness actually put the cart before the horse. The govt privatized the distribution of Power BEFORE solving the problem of POWER GENERATION. Then, it sold distribution licenses to crony companies with no experience or expertise in distributing power. The existing power generating Plants have not been revived, and new ones have not been built to generate more power, yet they created more DISTRIBUTION companies. So, now we have discos everywhere but the quantity of power they have to distribute was even LESS than what we had before privatization. With privatization, we have even less constant power supply. This madness has to stop. Jonathan must go!

We could go on and on about how this nation has been adrift on the high seas with no strategic direction from the man we elected as the President 4 years ago. Yet, the same clueless president is daring Nigerians to reelect him for another 4 years of directionless government. No. This Jonathan Must Go!

It is abundantly clear that returning President Jonathan Goodluck for another 4 years as head of Nigerian government will be akin to renewing his license for 4 more years of directionless government. No doubt, such a choice will heral another season of unmitigated disaster for our Nation.

Nigeria needs a COMPEREHENSIVE Strategy Direction, and only a strategic, disciplined, and commited leader can give us that. Jonathan has had 6 years to show us he is that man, and failed woefully.

On March 28th, it is TIME FOR JONA TO GO!

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