TOP 10 COUNTDOWN ON WHY JONA MUST GO – Reason #10: Failure Of Leadership

By on March 18, 2015

Leadership is perhaps the number 1 criteria for judging the President of any country. Presidents are elected to provide leadership for every aspect of our nation. Leaders are not expected to do the work themselves but to provide the direction on which everything during his rule will take

Sadly, President Jonathan has failed in virtually every aspect of leadership as the President of Nigeria and does NOT deserve a second term. So Jonathan Must Go!

President Jonathan has failed in leading a credible fight against corruption as he allowed corruption scandals to erupt, without resolution, almost every month for several years. He even told the nation he does not give a damn about asset declaration and thereby sent the wrong signals to the people about how to be above reproach in public service

As a leader, Jonathan did not understand that the company he keeps speaks eloquently about the kind of leader he is as he surrounds himself either with convicted criminals, Fugitives from justice, accused persons facing trail for fraud offenses and people who are embroiled in corruption scandals. This is one more reason why jonathan must go

President Goodluck Jonathan has failed in providing leadership in the area of security for Nigerians as many Nigerians were slaughtered every day for years under his watch. Therefore Jonathan Must GO.

JONATHAN DANCES SHOKIPresident Jonathan failed to provide leadership in looking for over 200 Chibok girls that were kidnapped in broad daylight by book Haram terrorists. Many people actually use his failure in the Chibok Girls kidnapping as the prime example of his cluelessness as a leader.

Professor Wole Soyinka, a Nobel Laureate and an international democrat with a track record spanning more than 50 years as a civil rights leader has the following to say about the failure of leadership demonstrated by Jonathan over the last 4 years.

According to Professor Wole Soyinka, Jonathan must go for the following reasons: “I will not vote and I will not encourage ‎anyone to vote for the continuation of this government, simply because your colleagues numbering over two hundred were kidnapped,

” Soyinka told students at the 2015 edition of Vision of the Child (VOTC), a yearly programme inaugurated in 2012.

He said the Chibok girls kidnapped on 14 April of last year were sent on a mission to acquire an education, but ended up being kidnapped.

“And the government of this nation failed to show leadership.‎ So anyone who says after that event that I will vote or cast my vote or encourage anyone to vote for this regime must be living in Sambisa forest,” Soyinka said, referring to a forest in Borno State where the Chibok girls are believed to be held by Boko Haram.

“There has been a failure of leadership. Our children whom you represent today have been betrayed‎,” Soyinka said, adding that no appropriate action was taken to retrieve them.

Soyinka said it took the Jonathan government ten days to even accept that the Chibok girls were even missing.

“After that dereliction of duty, after that failure of leadership, after that betrayal for our future, for anyone to think or to put words in my mouth suggesting that I will vote or encourage anyone to vote for this regime is a travesty of intelligence,” Soyinka said.

President Jonathan thinking second term

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