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JUST BEFORE WE LAY ‘HOLY HANDS’ ON JONATHAN – Burning Questions For Our Pastors: –

We have all witnessed the frenzy of many pastors to embrace President Jonathan and publicly support him even as they ignored Prof Osinbajo, a VP candidate on the opposing ticket, in the upcoming 2014 elections. From reports in newspapers and blogosphere, not only was Prof Osinbajo not allowed to address his fellow pastors at a Pastors C.A.N. meeting recently, the presidential Candidate of an opposing party, Jonathan Goodluck, was discussed at length by the top pastors, and apparently endorsed by the same gathering of pastors of which Osinbajo has been a part for many years.

Honestly, I cannot but marvel at the way some of our Christian Leaders seemed to have all endorsed President Jonathan without questioning his antecedents, or his associations and his deeds. However, for the record, though I have read reports about the so-called meeting of C.A.N to endorse Jonathan, I still refuse to believe it is true, at least until CA.N publicly confirms it, simply because I respect a lot of the names associated with that meeting, and would be stunned if what has been reported actually happened. So, I am willing to wait for official confirmation before directly addressing the issue of C.A.N. and its procedure for endorsing one candidate over another, in their capacity as the official organization of Christians in Nigeria.

However, in response to some of the individual pastors who have ‘boldly’ come out to endorse President Jonathan on the ground that they can never support a Muslim over a brother ‘Christian’, I do have some serious questions.

Since I am a bible-believing Pentecostal, my questions will be directed at my Pentecostal Elders and Pastors who claim they are embracing Jonathan on the grounds that he is a Christian and that we ‘Christians’ need to stick together against the Muslim jihadists ostensibly ‘represented’ by Buhari….:

Firstly, have they asked themselves: When did Jonathan become a BORN-AGAIN Christian? In what Church, Camp or Holy Mountain did he give his life to Christ? Who witnessed it and who baptized him in the Holy Ghost? On the other hand, we have all the records of Pastor Osinbajo, when he became a Christian, who baptized him, which churches he pastored, and which he is still pastoring. Yeah, Osinbajo may not be the Presidential candidate but he is the V.P to one and picking a Jonathan ticket over him is something that needs to be explained (after Jonathan also had a Muslim on his ticket).

Secondly, granted we are all praying against Boko Haram, and the mad people behind them, but when did Jonathan suddenly become the rallying point to save Christianity from the so-called ‘Buhari Islamization Agenda’.? How is the Jonathan-Sambo ticket better situated to protect Christians against book-haram than a Buhari-Osinbajo ticket with a proven very senior pastor in the biggest church in Nigeria?

Thirdly, has any of our Leaders asking us to support President Jonathan Goodluck on RELIGIOUS ground, rather than his merit or lack of it, EVER heard him PRAY? Forget praying in tongues. Has anybody EVER heard Jonathan pray to anyone’s hearing? On the other hand we have all read the revelations of one of Jonathan’s former close aides, who directly accused Jonathan about being an EGBESU idol worshipper and who revealed that Jonathan confessed to him that he has NEVER Prayed before in his life

Can those how think he is now a genuine Christian please point out his outstanding Christian ‘acts’ that prove he even remotely subscribe to the real born-again Christian ideas? By their fruits we shall know them is what the Word said, so someone please show me the fruits. All I can see so far is that he surrounds himself with fugitives and gives them national awards. I see him every day keeping ministers in place who have been accused of horrendous acts of corruption.

Fourthly, why would these pastors think President Jonathan is a good crusader for Christ when he has been President for more than 5 years and yet has made NO ATTEMPT to take Nigeria out of the OIC that Babangida sentenced us into in 1986? If indeed he believed that the invasion of the Islamic Agenda needs to be stopped, why did he not use the fact that our constitution stated that we are a secular state to force Nigeria withdrawal from OIC, in over 6 years. Even worse, what is real Christian doing leading a Nigerian delegation to the meeting of OIC in 2013? Even as a signatory to the Islamic charter, Jonathan as a president did not need to have attended in person. Many countries sent their ministers, and he could have done so. What is a real Christian doing praying in a mosque when a Minister who is a true Muslim could have represented him if indeed he needed to be represented as our head of state?

Fifthly, did these Pastors who are thinking that President Goodluck Jonathan will fight against implementation of Sharia and Boko Haram not know that the Chairman of his party, Alhaji Muazu, was the one that implemented Sharia Law in his State as governor regardless of the huge population of Christians in the state? Or are these pastors ignorant of the fact that some of the President’s close aides have been identified with ties to Boko Haram (i.e. Ali Ndume of PDP; Ali Bunu Sheriff-Pdp and even his Vice President Sambo was accused of insider knowledge of Boko Haram!)

Really, since I cannot quarrel with anyone who claimed he ‘felt led by the Holy Spirit’ to support President Jonathan over Buhari, and I surely cannot say I doubt anyone who claimed God has spoken to them since I wasn’t there, all I can say is that those claiming be ‘LED’ by the Spirit to support Jonathan please remember that JUDGEMENT WILL START IN THE HOUSE OF GOD, and all those who said ‘GOD SAID’ WHEN HE DIDNT SPEAK will have to answer to Him at some point with their eternal souls. So, everyone should be careful and remember the bible was clear that we NOT lay hands suddenly on any man.

This matter of RELIGION in the 2015 elections is getting very ugly, and as long as people want to play the religious card, instead of evaluating the candidates on their provable records, they need to understand that God is NEVER asleep and he sees into the DARKEST RECESSES of all our hearts. Its one thing to hate someone based on definitive evidence, and it’s quite another just to follow the crowd without taking time to check for yourself, like the Berean Churches did.

As we all continue to fight each other on the way forward for our country, we must remember that the Lord liveth, and on that Day, everyone’s conscience will be laid bare before whom NONE OF US can hide.

About Dr. Ope Banwo

Dr. Ope Banwo is an Attorney; Pastor; Business Consultant; Author; Motivational Speaker, and Corporate Solutions Provider. He holds several degrees in Law including a Bachelors, Masters and a Ph.D. He was admitted to the Nigerian Bar (1986), New York Bar (1997) and Federal Court of Nebraska (1997) in the United States. Ope Banwo has written several published books on different topics over the years including bestsellers in Christianity; Lifestyle; and Business such as The Kingdompreneur, Overcoming The Gideon Complex, The Kingdom Citizen, The Return of The Prodigal; The Blessings of Adversity; African Internet Business Manifesto; Confessions Of A Guru-Wannabe; Social Media Marketing Genesis; Offline-Online Business Manifesto, Digital Marketing Without Tears For Company Executives etc. Deeply committed to public service and service to humanity, Dr Ope Banwo has also initiated several public initiatives including the Ghetto Dreamz Foundation to empower economically-disadvantaged Youths; The Omega Wealth Club to teach youths legitimate ways to employ themselves online; The Kingdompreneur Academy to impact Christians in Business and the Nigerian Market Ombudsman to ensure transparency, accountability and fairness in the market place.


  1. Oladeji

    February 7, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    I will bet with my life that 95% of this so called men of God worship the devil. God will never speak to fake a prophet.


    February 27, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    sir, you got a great site here, I LOVE IT

  3. Asopuru Okemgbo

    March 10, 2015 at 6:56 pm

    It is possibless that the author may know what most other Christian don’t know about Gen Buhari. But even if the author was young to remember when Gen. Buhari devastated a democracy, it is still a valid historical achievement in Gen Buhari’a credit. Are we gonna ignore that? I’d you build again what you once destroyed, ate you not a transgressor? Why should you add a person reward Gen Buhari? I did not read a single submission from you. Perhaps, to make the north happy? Or, to make Muslims happy? It is still historical fact that Gen Buhari initiated OIC enrollment in 1985 that Gen Babangida concluded in 1986 to legitimate his takeover. On getting Nigeria out of OIC, is it not the constitutional responsibility of the House and the Senate rather than that of the president? The Nigerian pastorso and ordinary members, especially Christians from the north do remember when Gen Buhari Wad the head of states. Yohana Madaki was a vocal Christian governor. Go check your records and judge with facts what was Gen Buhari’a attitude and actions and inactions towards Christians during his military rule of Nigeria.

    A simple question for you to answer: which Muslim president or head of state has violence in stood a ground to stop Muslim violence against Christians before Nigeria Gboko Haram? Or, have we forgotten that there were extreme Muslim violence in Nigeria? What did Gen Buhari do against because Muslim violence in his days as the head of states? Why should we trust him simply because the eminent pastor is his vice president? I naa, I no bi so, mba, as we msy say in some naija language. Tell us why Gen Buhari should be the president of Nigeria in a democracy he never believed in.

  4. kk

    March 11, 2015 at 8:56 am

    what a great site

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