Exposing The Great Boko Haram Deception By PDP: What The PUBLIC FACTS Really Show

By on January 28, 2015


It is really a sad commentary on the gullibility of many Nigerians, and a testament to the effectiveness of the PDP misinformation machinery, led by the misinformation cabal of Doyin Okupe, Femi Fani Kayode and Ruben Abati, that somehow Muhamadu Buhari remains tainted by the shadow of being a sponsor of Boko Haram, when all the available FACTS IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN ACTUALLY POINT TO PDP AS THE MOST LIKELY SPONSOR OF BOKO HARAM menace.

I know this is a heavy accusation against the ruling party, but I intend to PROVE it right now using evidence that is already in the public domain, and not rumors and innuendos, like PDP have been doing for 2 years now.

Frankly, I think it is amazing that despite the ubiquitous access to the facts regarding Boko Haram as they have unfolded over the last 2 years, we still have many people including very highly respected Christians ACCUSING Buhari of being the Mastermind behind Boko Haram, when the PUBLICLY available facts constantly show that we really need to take a hard look at PDP as a party when it comes to the real sponsors of Boko Haram.

I also find it very troubling that despite the fact that THERE HAS BEEN NO SHRED OF DIRECT EVIDENCE linking Buhari with Boko Haram (otherwise why is he still on the streets if the government really has any proof of his involvement?), many still choose to see him as a terrorist who will take away our bibles and burn them the minute he becomes president.

Yes, Buhari did speak out about the indiscriminate way the government was attacking villages in the North under the pretext of ‘chasing’ Boko Haram, but that was misinterpreted out of context by people who never even read the full statement from him. Most just followed the lead of Doyin Okupe and the much-discredited Ruben Abati to quote, out of context, his speech and then brand him with the book haram garment. [By the way we seemed to have forgotten that it was the same Ruben Abati who wrongly libeled Buhari by claiming Buhari said he would make Nigeria ungovernable if Jonathan was elected in 2011. Of course, when sued to prove the veracity of this careless accusation, he recanted in the face of the truth that it was LAWAL KAITA, a PDP person, who actually said so and APOLOGISED PROFUSELY on the pages of his own Newspaper to avoid paying serious damages. How we forget and still seem to think Abati has any credibility for saying the truth when he has clearly lost that moral high ground years ago!]

Anyway, back to the issue of Boko Haram, a good look at the PUBLIC INFORMATION, PUBLIC PRONOUNCEMENTS AND PUBLIC INDICTMENTS by the Police and foreign personnel will quickly reveal to a real seeker of the truth, the people most likely to be behind the siege of our nation. A look at ALL the PUBLICLY INDICTED PEOPLE IN CONNECTION WITH BOKO HARAM clearly shows that some people in  PDP could possibly be the ones sponsoring Boko Haram.

It is amazing that despite the fact that MOST of the publicly indicted people in connection with Boko Haram are PDP MEMBERS, the public has somehow failed to take a good look at this party. Instead, it is very convenient for many Christians (following the lead of their leaders and of course the BOGUS sermon of Pastor Bosun Emmanuel) to keep their accusatory eyes on APC and Buhari.

By the way I have LISTENED TO THAT SERMON by Pastor Bosun Emmanuel at LEAST 5 times after hearing it for the first time in my church, and I can boldly say that it is FULL OF HALF-TRUTHS, MISDIRECTIONS, UNSUBSTANITATED INUENDOS and some prophetic jargon that are indefensible in the face of facts on ground and in the Word of God.

To be clear, I agree 100% that Boko Haram is an evil organization dedicated to killing Christians wherever they are found. No right thinking person, Muslim or Christian, will argue in support of these terrorists. Their vicious and evil actions against Christians, and even non-Christians, cannot be denied. They are likely to continue their damnable ways unless and until we find a way to stop them. However, my point is that we cant stop Boko Haram by accusing the wrong people when we have clear evidence showing us where to look! I also do not think we can stop Boko Haram by using false premises and half-truths and unfounded inuendos against other people in the name of God.

I confess that, like many others, I initially fell for the rambling accusations and innuendoes contained in the Bosun Emmanuel’s viral presentation. However, after checking the FACTS MYSELF against his utterances, I am no longer persuaded that most of his accusations are valid. Surely I agree that there is widescale persecution of Christians in the North but he was wrong in casting the blame on APC. He was being political instead of being spiriual. He mixed inuendos with misrepresentaions and declared it to be the voice of God.

So, I hereby PUBLICLY CHALLENGE ANY PASTOR OR CHRISTIAN who stands with that bogus sermon to a PUBLIC DEBATE AND FACT-CHECK. We can do it on Google Hangout for the whole world to listen and Judge! Any Pastor who wants to take me up on this Bosun Emmanuel sermon is free to send me a public invitation to a debate on my Facebook page or by email and I will be there to defend the truth. God should not be unduly dragged into the evil that men are doing in his name in our country.

For the avoidance of doubt, I AM AN UNAPOLOGETIC CHRISTIAN. I am a Kingdom Ambassador thoroughly trained and bred under the tutelage of some of the best teachers of Christianity in the world including the Late Dr Myles Munroe, Pastor Adeboye and Pastor Tunde Bakare. I beleive like most Christians who took time to study the Word, I know a bit about the Word of God and the one I didnt know I can always research if challenged, and I stand ready to go toe to toe with anyone who believes everything Bosun Emmanuel said is the truth from the Word of God. Too many people have called the name of our Lord in vain over this election and it is time Christians who want the truth to step up and challenge those who will deceive us one way or the other.

While waiting to be taken up on the Bosun Emmanuel sermon, I WILL OUTLINE THE FACTS AND PUBLIC STORIES regarding possible Boko Haram Sponsors below for those interested in the TRUTH to check out for themselves. Enough is enough of this deception by PDP and the unwitting Christians supporting their bogus allegations of the real sponsors of book Haram



This PDP Senator was PUBLCLY Indicted by the Joint Task Force and Former Borno Commissioner of Police. Mr. Modu Sheriff. Senator Ahmed Zanna represents Borno Central district in the Senate as a PDP MEMBER.


In October 2012, a Boko-Haram kingpin SHUAIBU MUHAMMED BAMA, who was wanted by the JTF, was arrested in the house of Sen Zanna Ahmed and dangerous weapons recovered. According to JTF statement by Lt Col. Sagir Musa “Bama had been on the wanted list of terrorists operating between Bama and Maiduguri.  Musa said Bama’s arrest led to the recovery of two AK 47 rifles, 55 rounds of 7.62mm special ammunition and large quantity of Improvised Explosive Device materials.”

By the way, Mr. Shuaibu Bama the Boko Haram Kingpin was also revealed as a nephew to the Senator.


Senator Ahmed Zanna was once indicted by the former Police Commissioner in Borno State Simeon Midenda after finding some Boko Haram related materials in hands of Zanna’s Supporters

AHMED ZAINA [PDP SENATOR] INDICTED BY ALI MODU SHERIFF: I his own words, Sheriff said “Senator Zanna has possible ties to Boko Haram.” He drew attention to Zanna’s “Hajj-by-Road” programme for which he said Zanna was suspected to have used “as a front for the importation of arms and window of opportunity for the training of potential terrorists.”

The Former Governor of Borno, Sherriff also called on the security operatives to investigate Zanna.


This PDP leader was Indicted Boko-Haram, the foreign observer Davies and by Popular Opinion.

Senator Sherriff is a former PDP Senator and the Governor of Borno State between 2003 and 2011. He was a member of ANPP, later APC but was sidelined by the APC leadership, which many believed was due to his alleged role in the insurgency, which forced him out to join PDP. He’s a staunch Jonathan supporter even now.


He is said to be a founder of Boko-Haram group in 2001, whom he allegedly used to successfully prosecute his 2003 Governorship bid. He appointed a staunch Boko Haram Leader Alhaji Buju Foi as his Commissioner for Religious Affairs. However, things fell apart after he fired Foi from his cabinet. He was accused by the late Boko Haram member, Mohamed Yusuf, of betraying the agreement they had. He became Boko-Haram number one enemy. THIS IS PUBLIC RECORD THAT YOU CAN READ BY CLICKING YOUR MOUSE!

SENATOR ALI MODU SHERIFF, PDP WAS ALSO INDICTED BY AUSTRALIAN NEGOTIATOR, REV. STEPHEN DAVIES, Australian negotiator Davies appointed by the govt ot negotiate release of Chibok Girls, named Ali Modu Sheriff the sponsor of Boko-Haram. The DSS Spokeswoman Marilyn Ogar said afterward that sheriff is under investigation.

ALI MODU SHERIFF WAS PUBLICLY INDICTED BY THE GALTIMARI PRESIDENTIAL PANEL indicted politicians in Borno State, led by Ali Modu, for actitivies that led to the rise of BOko Haram in Borno state during hte 2003 elections where politiicans used them to win elecitons and thne discarded them thereafter. With no visible support from their former benefactors, these people gravitated towards terrorism and embraced Boko Haram.

FEMI FALANA ALSO PUBLICLY ACCUSED ALI MODU SHERIF of being one of the the people who laid the foundation for the resurgence of Boko Haram in the North, and actually urged hte security forces to arrest him under threat of Mandamus He never sued Falana for libel and neiher did the federal government do anything about Falana’s public accusations.


This PDP Senator was Indicted By: DSS and Boko-Haram Leader. Ali Ndume is the PDP Senator representing Borno South Senatorial District. He’s also a member of Presidential Committee on BH.


The Senator was arrested by the DSS in November 21, after a spokesman of the sect, Ali Sanda Umar Konduga, named him as one of the major sponsors of the sect. The DSS opined that the Senator had furnished members of the sect with the private phone numbers of government officials, including that of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Muhamed Adoke. The Senator Admitted that he was having phone conversation with the sect since October 2011 but denied disclosing confidential information to Boko Haram.

“His arrest further confirms the service position that some of the Boko Haram extremists have political patronage and sponsorship,” SSS spokeswoman Marilyn Ogar said.

WIKIPEDIA, BBC AND MAJOR INTERNATIONAL PRESS ALSO IDENTIFIED SENATOR NDUME AS A POSSIBLE SPONSOR OF BOKO HARAM – According to Wikipedia: “In November 2011, Senator Ndume was reported to be linked to Boko Haram. This alleged connection to Boko Haram was made following the Nigerian State Security Service’s interrogation of a suspected Boko Haram member and spokesman, Mallam Ali Konduga.

He was charged to court but was granted bail, and still enjoy his bail


Our current Vice President was publicly indicted by Sen Ali Ndume as having knowledge of information and contact with Boko Haram.

Namadi Sambo is the incumbent Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He’s the Chairman, Presidential Committee on Boko Haram but it remains a mystery that Nigerians and all those pastors shouting against Buhari and his so-called islamization agenda have NOT looked at this man or accused him publicly.


In a bid to exonerate himself from BH activities, Senator Ali Ndume swore an oath before the court in March 2012 that His Excellency the Vice President was aware of his conversation with Boko-Haram. He however claimed that the said discussion was as a result of his appointment as a member of the committee…. Excerpt from his affidavit according to his lawyer Mr. Riki Tafar…

“The Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency Namadi Sambo, is also aware that he was in contact with the Jammatul Sunnah Walid Jihad (otherwise known as ‘Boko Haram’).”

Now, if our Vice President was AWARE of contacts with Boko Haram and didn’t speak out, should we be even thinking of reelecting him? Doesn’t silence mean consent? Can we even take the chance that he does not mean to support Boko Haram?


This Generall was indicted by the Australian observer/negotiator, MR. Steven Davies. Ihejirika is the Immediate past Chief of Army Staff and a Gubernatorial Aspirant in Abia State.


Several months back, Australian negotiator, Mr. Steven Davies named Chief Ihejirika as one of the Major Sponsors of Boko Haram sect. Though it took the country by surprise, because Chief Ihejirika was famous for launching the most brutal attack against the sect notably in Bama. During his time, Boko Haram was confined to Sambisa forest and couldn’t seize a small town.

Ihejirika, his supporters and kinsmen denied the allegation, saying that it was a ploy by the sect to “deal with him” because he dealt with them, while the Opposition party, APC and other section of the country (including int’l community) called for a probe

The DSS however exonerated him which was greeted by mixed reactions. However, does his exoneration prevent us from taking a further look at him? Where are the PRESS in Nigeria who are supposed to do the investigation beyond the obvious?

To be clear, I am NOT accusing Ihejirika of being a definite Boko Haram supporter simply because the DSS has cleared him. All I am saying in mentioning his name is that the allegations against him by Steven Davies deserves further investigation. In any case, how come it is PDP people that he accused and NOT Buhari and yet we keep shouting Buhari’s name over this mess?


We all read the great indictment by the late NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER HIMSELF, Andrew Iwoye Azazi AGAISNT PDP on Boko Haram.

In a South South Economic conference in 2012 the then National Security Adviser shocked everyone by declaring that Boko Haram Insurgency enjoys the support of members of the ruling party, and that they were a political tool by some power blocs within the PDP. He attributed the sophistication of the Boko Haram to politicians within the PDP. In his words…

“The issue of violence did not increase in Nigeria until when there was a declaration by the current president that he was going to contest. PDP got it wrong from the beginning. The party started by saying Mr. A can rule, and Mr. B cannot rule, according to PDP conventions, rules and regulations and not according to the constitution. That created the climate for what is happening or manifesting itself in country. Is it possible that somebody was thinking that only Mr. A could win, and if he did not win, he could cause a problem in the society?”

I personally find it VERY STRANGE AND SUSPICIOUS that AZAZI died so soon thereafter in a Plane Crash. Yet, no one is crying foul and nobody is investigating!


We were all stunned when Mr. President, the PDP Flag bearer, made a public declaration that he KNEW that his government has been infiltrated by Boko Haram supporters. He claimed knowledge that members of his own government are Boko Haramites. Yet, HE NEVER HAD ANY OF THEM ARRESTED OR ACCUSED ANY OF THEM PUBLICLY

I believe when somebody of the level of the President of Nigeria makes a PUBLIC CLAIM that he knew Boko Haram has invaded his government, that means he KNOWS OF AT LEAST ONE PERSON WHO IS GUILTY OF THIS TREASON, but somehow he NEVER identified any of the people he KNEW to be Boko Haram people.

To make matters worse, President Goodluck Jonathan later tried to ‘clarify’ his reported comments in a media chat that  he never said members of Boko Haram infiltrated his cabinet but that he only said ‘they may have infiltrated the government’. He made the clarification the presidential Media Chat by saying and i quote: “I never said Boko Haram has infiltrated my Cabinet. What is said was that it has infiltrated the government. You will agree with me that during the period, a serving senator was arrested. I never said Boko Haram infiltrated my cabinet. And the government is made up of the Executive, the legislature and the Judiciary”.

Yet, we are still waiting for him to NAME THEM whether in executive legislature or judiciary. I rest my case!

BOKO HARAM - JONATHAN SAIDSurprisingly, this same President is actually asking us to VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN for second term and nobody, Bishop [with the exception of a few] or Pastor are asking him to EXPLAIN what he meant by that unfortunate statement. Instead our President is busy visiting their churches for prayers and endorsement, and leaving large offerings in their churches, while many of those same pastors are telling us not to vote Buhari because Buhari is an Islamite.

I am totally upset by all that and I challenge those pastors claiming that Buhari is the one behind Boko Haram to BRING OUT THE PROOF or just shut up. It is UNGODLY of them to ignore all these troubling FACTS against PDP and Mr. President and then use their pulpits to accuse someone of being a Boko Haramite WITHOUT presenting the Proof to their members beyond a bogus sermon by a Pastor Bosun Emmanuel and innuendos and misinterpretations of statements by Buhari. Personally, I am SICK AND TIRED of being manipulated by the misinformation everywhere in our country over this Boko haram thing.

To be clear, I definitely RESENT AND OPPOSE with every fiber of my being everything the Boko Haram stand for, and I believe Boko Haram is evil personified in a few misguided elements in our country. However, I believe to really counter it and fight it, we must look at the facts and then vent our spiritual, physical and mental ANGER ON THE REAL CULPRITS. It is a defeatist attitude for us to just go with what the discredited misinformation cabals are telling us. We must look at the facts OURSELVES, and then advice our fellow Christians and Nigerians based on those facts.

I know many Christians will persecute me for this write-up but I don’t care. Let God be true and every man a liar.

All I am saying is that LET US LOOK AT THE PROVABLE FACTS ON GROUND and leave out innuendoes and rumors by faceless people who cannot come out into the light and make accusations against Buhari on this Boko Haram problem. If anyone can show me definitive proof that Buhari had anything to do with this madness I will not only apologise publicly, I will also turn the violence of my keyboard against him and his party without any hesitation.

I have given the FACTS as can be found in PUBLIC RECORDS in the unfolding drama of shame in our country (and anyone with a mouse can find this out too). I have also thrown out my Challenge to those Christians who remain convinced that Buhari is behind Boko Haram to come out publicly and give FACTS not innuendos and I await any takers..

Yeah, I agree this is definitely HardTalk, but it is TRUE TALK never the less!


About Dr. Ope Banwo

Dr. Ope Banwo is an Attorney; Pastor; Business Consultant; Author; Motivational Speaker, and Corporate Solutions Provider. He holds several degrees in Law including a Bachelors, Masters and a Ph.D. He was admitted to the Nigerian Bar (1986), New York Bar (1997) and Federal Court of Nebraska (1997) in the United States. Ope Banwo has written several published books on different topics over the years including bestsellers in Christianity; Lifestyle; and Business such as The Kingdompreneur, Overcoming The Gideon Complex, The Kingdom Citizen, The Return of The Prodigal; The Blessings of Adversity; African Internet Business Manifesto; Confessions Of A Guru-Wannabe; Social Media Marketing Genesis; Offline-Online Business Manifesto, Digital Marketing Without Tears For Company Executives etc. Deeply committed to public service and service to humanity, Dr Ope Banwo has also initiated several public initiatives including the Ghetto Dreamz Foundation to empower economically-disadvantaged Youths; The Omega Wealth Club to teach youths legitimate ways to employ themselves online; The Kingdompreneur Academy to impact Christians in Business and the Nigerian Market Ombudsman to ensure transparency, accountability and fairness in the market place.

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  1. Akhabue

    February 1, 2015 at 9:46 pm


    The Boko Haram insurgency is more than a civil war. It is a continual three-pronged attack on Nigeria by Islamic extremists from Niger, Chad and Northern Cameroun with the active connivance of fifth columnists in Nigeria.

    The on-going and seemingly coordinated killing spree, abductions and pillaging by insurgents and migrant or foreign mercenaries are obviously a concerted military campaign to undermine the Federal Government and overrun the country.

    The insurgents probably intend to revive an Islamic Caliphate in the former territory of the old Kanem-Bornu Empire, which “included what is now southern Chad, northern Cameroon, north-eastern Nigeria, eastern Niger, and southern Libya.” (Encyclopaedia Britannica)
    By Turaki A. Hassan, Daily Trust – 26 June 2013

    Leader of the Boko Haram sect Imam Abubakar Shekau hails from Niger Republic,according to the report of a Senate joint committee that investigated the deadly violence in Baga town of Borno State in April. Shekau is widely believedto be from Shekau village of Yobe State, but the Senate committee in its report submitted yesterday said Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima told visiting senators that the man was actually from the neighbouring Republic of Niger.

    The report, a copy obtained by Daily Trust, said senators were told that “although the Boko Haram sect members have some Chadians and Cameroonians within their midst about 80 per cent of them are of Kanuri tribe, adding that the leader of the sect Abubakar Shekau is a Kanuri from Niger Republic.”

    Shekau became leader of the group in 2009 following the death in police custody of erstwhile leader Mohammed Yusuf. He is believed to have spearheaded the regrouping of the sect, which quickly graduated from conducting targeted drive-by shootings in Maiduguri to launching massive bomb assaults in Abuja, Kano, Kaduna and other places in the North.

    (THE ENEMY WITHIN – Boko Haram’s fifth columnists)/ The Tide on May 19th, 2014

    Nigerians have consistently maintained that the dreaded sect Boko Haram must surely have sympathisers in government and security agencies, considering how effective their attacks have been. Finally, there is proof.

    A high profile Boko Haram member, who is an officer of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Ahmed Grema Mohammed, has named some security personnel among those carrying out terrorist attacks in the country. His confession came after he was arrested by the men of the Joint Task Force (JTF) in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

    Mohammed, who is attached to the Nangere office of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in Yobe State, was apprehended at a checkpoint on the Maiduguri-Damaturu road while on his way to kill a former special adviser to the immediate past governor of the state.

    Most of the personnel named by Mohammed have been arrested, while security agencies are on the trail of others.

    The news of Mohammed’s arrest was contained in a JTF statement signed by the task force spokesman, Lt. Col Sagir Musa. According to the statement, Mohammed had been on the wanted list in the country and was arrested on August 17, last year for impersonating a lieutenant in theNigerian Army.

    “Mohammed confessed to being actively involved in the killings of some senior civil servants, security agents, and politicians in Damaturu who spoke against the activities of Boko Haram, particularly the former chairman of Damboa Council, Alhaji Lawal Kawu.

    “He also took part in the attack on the old Police Headquarters in Damaturu where some policemen were killed and large quantity of arms and ammunition carted away.

    “In addition, he was among the terrorists that attacked Damaturu Prison, burnt some primary schools, the State CID office and the Police Safety Vehicle, among others.

    “The suspect revealed to JTF that he and 15 other members of the organization were intensively trained for three months on G3 and AK 47 rifles, as well as in assassinations and special operations in Niger Republic.

    “He also revealed names of some security personnel that participated in terrorists’ attacks in Borno and Yobe states.”

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