President Jonathan And The Sham Election Postponement: Questions Arising

By on February 8, 2015

The news is now everywhere that INEC has decided to postpone the election for another 6 weeks. However, did anyone really LISTEN to the INEC News Conference and the REASON for postponement?

Here is Jega Bottom line for the election postponement in case you missed it: INEC is ready to conduct elections but our SECURITY FORCES are NOT ready for us? Wow!

Now, I personally find it laughable that a Jonathan Govt that could not successfully contain the Islamists for 4 years, but kept losing one city and another to Boko Haram, now wants us to believe it can crush them in 6 weeks? Really? Indeed wonders will never end in this country. Even the best scriptwriters in the world cannot write the kind of amazing drama that is unfolding right before our eyes in Nigeria.

Seriously, this idiotic excuse given by INEC for the Nigerian election postponement, rather than dousing our suspicions against the Jonathan government, actually raises MORE QUESTIONS than the ones we have been asking even before now, regarding the seeming incompetence of our government to fight Boko Haram and the real sponsors of Boko Haram:

As we all sheepishly accepted this interference in the election process by our own government, here are some posers for Nigerians to think about seriously:

Poser #1: In postponing the elections on the ground that the Boko Haram terrorists have invaded big parts of lands in the North, is the Jonathan Government finally admitting that Boko Haram is winning this war? Even when they have shamelessly denied, on several occasions, the devastation happening in the North?

The level of self-denial of the Boko Haram activity by this government is so high that they didn’t even issue a Press Release on the vicious Baga Massacre, and the takeover of major cities in the North East of Nigeria!. While most foreign governments were issuing releases to condemn what happened in our own land, our own Government kept quiet, and till date has not given us an official report on what went down Baga and how many people really died.

Yet, they are assuring us they need only 6 weeks of election postponement to clean up the insurgents.

Poser #2: If the Govt really could do defeat Boko Haram in 6 weeks, why has President Jonathan not done so in 4 Years? Or has the government just trained some new super human soldiers we didn’t know about?

Poser #3: Should the government be able to contain Boko Haram in 6 weeks, wont that fact suggest that this Govt KNEW how to stop these insurgents all along but didn’t do it for reasons best known to them? In fact, should that improbability actually happen, we may have to revisit that conversation Jonathan allegedly had with ex-President Obasanjo on the Boko Haram where the president was allegedly accused of dismissing the Boko Haram war in the North by saying ‘Let the Northerners keep killing each other’

Poser #4: If indeed Jonathan managed to stop the Boko Haram in 6 weeks, wont it make us wonder who is really holding the ‘on’ and ‘off’ switch for Boko Haram? I mean if something was happening for 4 years, and the Jonathan Government could not arrest it, and then in the face of a possible humiliating loss at the polls, it suddenly asked for 6 weeks before elections to defeat them, wont that suggest that the Government had been holding something back, and knew how to switch them off previously?

Could The The Simmering Rumours Of ‘Interim Government’ Be True?
Since everything about this Govt that started as rumour always ended up as truth, I can share another rumour with you right now: There has been quiet whispers in some quarters that the ultimate goal of Jonathan, if he could not stop the momentum of the Buharimania sweeping the land now, is to postpone the elections again, and then set up INTERIM GOVT, so we won’t have any elections by the time his tenure ends in May.

The variant of this rumour is that even if the elections were held in 6 weeks’ time, the plan is to challenge the election results beyond the hand-over day in May, and then set up an interim government while the legal fight is going on, so that President Jonathan won’t have to hand over power on the last day of his tenure in May.

This ‘rumour’ may sound crazy right now, but remember this same Govt violently denied it was considering postponing the election just 7 days ago, and its publicity officers said the rumours of postponement going round at the time was just Buhari People trying to give the government a bad name. Yet, as of yesterday Feb 7th, barely 7 days after the same energetic denial, that ‘rumour’ became a shameless truth, with no one in Govt bothering to apologize for accusing people like us for exposing the plan 2 weeks ago! So, this ‘interim government’ rumour needs to be watched closely!

Personally, I have no more tears for my country where ‘righ’t has suddenly become ‘wrong’ and ‘wron’g has triumphed as ‘right’  in many areas. However, for those who keep saying we Christians should continue to ‘cover’ President Jonathan spiritually, and continue to aid him as Christians to perpetuate this kind of stuff, all I can say is Goodluck to the church. However I know that the God the church represents is NOT asleep. His Will, whatever that is, will be done eventually and all evil doers in our land will be brought to justice. Those who see evil, but chose to ignore it or cover it up, will also have their God to answer to at some point. The biblical passage: Micah 3:5 is a verse that keeps coming to my mind in this difficult season.

With the unjustifiable postponement of the elections, it is clear that the Jonathan government genuinely has fears that the people will reject him overwhelmingly if the elections were held as scheduled. So, the government has now activated this nefarious plan to scuttle the will of the people. However, they forget that when the tide of justice starts flowing, there is really no sand barrier that can stop it.

We will all keep watching and see what will happen in 6 weeks. Don’t be surprised if another postponement is called for or when the talk of ‘INTERIM GOVERNMENT’ starts gathering momentum.

This may be HardTalk but it is True-Talk nevertheless

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