Can The Alamieyeseigha Leopard Change Its Corrupt Skin?

By on April 30, 2014

The Curious Allegations Against President Obasanjo by Skirt-Wearing Fugitive and Impeached Governor, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha

ALAMIEYESEIGHA - Hardtalk PictureWhen I first read the tirade of the skirt-wearing fugitive and ex-convict, turned National Award winner, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha (popularly knows as ‘Alams’), against former Nigerian President ,General Obasanjo, as well as his amusing solutions for the problem of bunkering in Nigeria, I had to do a double take. I had to do further research to be sure that it was really the same old fugitive;  and money-laundering and impeached ‘Alams’ proffering solutions to Nigeria’s problems, and making all those tough sounding allegations of corruption against the former president.

Indeed, as I considered the very direct and pointed attacks by Alamieyeseigha against President Obasanjo at the ongoing hearing at the National Assembly, I had to ask myself if there was still any hope for some of our more decadent leaders. For a man who has become synonymous with graft; corruption and disregard for the law such as Alamieyeseigha, to come out publicly to accuse Obasanjo of being an oil bunkerer, is way beyond the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

The very act of ‘Alams’ trying to come out as an outraged defender of the interest of Nigerians would seem to suggest that the black-spotted Leopard is capable of changing its colour. But we all know that has never happened and will never happen.

However before I go on to say what I really think about what Alamieyeseigha’s attack against ex-president Obasanjo had to do with the impossibility of Leopards changing their spots, I would like to go on record that I am not a big fan of former President Obasanjo. Far from it! Obasanjo presided over a government that could have done much more for the country but shamelessly squandered the opportunity. He lost so many opportunities to be one of the really Great Ones like Mandela that in a way it is hard not to feel sorry for him.

Like Mandela, Obasanjo became Nigeria’s President at a time our country had great hopes for a revival after the brutal repressive regime of Abacha, but he tragically failed to seize the moment for greatness. He lacked the substance to find imaginative and creative ways to move the country forward other than to use the massive powers granted by the goodwill of an oppressed nation to selectively crush his opponents.

So, I really have no love for President Olusegun Obasanjo and certainly do not want to be seen as defending him against these attacks.

For all we know, It is certainly very possible that the allegations of bunkering leveled against Obasanjo by the ex-convict Alamieyeseigha at the National Assembly are true. After all, bunkering was reported to have taken a major spike during Obasanjo’s 8 year reign, and he never prosecuted serious bunkerers even in the face of massive evidence and identified suspects’ right before his eyes. Also, his ill-fated attempt to circumvent the constitution with a psychotic 3rd term agenda makes it very difficult to see many redeeming features in this former military ruler, turned sham democratic president.

As a matter of fact, I think Obasanjo’s case is much more tragic than we all give him credit for. He is the only man to have had the privilege to run this country twice. Yet, his legacy is one of barbaric massacre of a whole village at Ode; Skirt Chasing; unreasonable stubbornness to listen to the views of others; and his unforgiving actions against his enemies, both real and imagined. His innate smallness simply could not catch up with the potential for greatness in the opportunities he had.

I also painfully remember that this so-called ‘bastion’ of democracy fostered on us a successor that he knew was terminally ill, leading eventually to an unneeded constitutional crisis in the nation, maybe as a punishment to the country for depriving him of his absurd dream of a 3rd term as President.

So, NO, I am not trying to defend Obasanjo at all in this piece. However, my HardTalk today is about Alamieyeseigha and the impossibility of a leopard changing its spots.

In the first place, the fact that a fatally blemished character like Alamieyeseigha was appointed to the National Conference in the first place is ample proof of how little President Jonathan thinks of this country and the very wide disconnect between the president and the feelings of Nigerians.ALAMIEYESEIGHA - Hardtalk Picture2

This is a man who not only robbed his OWN state blind during a period of looting orgy while he was governor of the oil rich state of Bayelsa, but the man who further stamped our country with an indelible mark of corruption among the comity of nations, by jumping bail in London while on trial for money laundering. And he did this in a cowardly way by wearing a woman’s skirt.

In a sane society, men like Alamieyeseigha would not dare show their faces at public events, much less get appointed to a National Conference to determine the fate of our dear country. I really do not know what the president was thinking, but what meaningful contribution can an intenrational fugitive who was impeached for corruption in his country make to the progress of a nation?

Regardless of the white washing that may be going on right now to rehabilitate Alams in the mind of Nigerians, history will record that Alamieyeseigha was governor of one of the richest states in the country but had nothing to show for the quality of lives of Bayelsans other than a life of poverty, shame and embarrassment. Also, no whitewashing can change the fact that he was impeached for corruption on a mammoth scale, and that he is still a wanted man in Europe for money laundering charges, not to mention bail jumping.

Yet, our president not only granted him presidential pardon, he found it fit to give him a national merit award for his sterling record for corruption and his ninja like bail-jumping escape from  London. Then he topped that amazing insult to Nigerians by appointing him to the National Conference to determine the future of Nigerians. I just feel like crying when I think of the reckless stumping on our sensibilities by the ruling President on account of this man.

Having been pardoned for his despicable crimes, you would think that Alamieyeseigha would devote his time to making amends by helping out in motherless babies’ homes; devote himself to a monastery or taking care of the disadvantaged in the community, as a penance for his many sins against his state and country. No. He did not do that. Instead, he got an embossed invitation to the national conference and the national assembly to go and haul accusations at a former president.

Since Alams has decided to open a can of worms by publicly admitting that he was aware of crimes against Nigeria during his governorship, I also think he should be hauled in by the EFCC to explain why he concealed evidence of crimes against Nigeria for so long, if indeed he had evidence that Obasanjo was aiding and abetting oil bunkerers. Why did he wait for so many years to make a public accusation? Could it be that he himself was involved with this shameful criminal enterprise at the time? After all, it was HIS state. IF BUNKERING WAS INDEED  BEING ABETTED BY THE PRESIDENT, he owed a duty to the country to shout out at the time and he did not. Of course that question assumes Alams ever had any interest of Nigeria at heart, other than to strip it naked of its resources.

In any case, one must wonder what exactly Diepreye Alamieyeseigha hoped to gain by making these latter day accusations. Is it that he is now suddenly interested in Nigerians seeing him as a Patriot? Or could it be that he now wants to impress us that he indeed has good solutions to our bunkering problems? Or perhaps did he feels the need to publicly embarrass Obasanjo for his behind the scenes actions to ensure he rotted in a London Jail during his money laundering ordeal in London?

Whatever his twisted reasons may be, people around him who really loved him, other than the money he is doling to them, should tell him it is too late for him to change his spot from an impeached money launderer to that of a Patriot with solutions without doing any penance. As for trying to embarrass Obasanjo, how can you embarrass someone who has demonstrated he could care less what anyone else thought of him?

My advice to Alamieyeseigha is for him to shut up and avoid any public statements until he has genuinely rehabilitated himself. His voice in public is like the ranting of a shameless man to many Nigerians. I cannot understand why he refused to grasp the obvious fact that Nigerians are still disgusted by him and everything he stands for.

To convince us he is changed for real, Diepreye Alamasiegha should refund all the money he stole from Bayelsa. He should go back to London and serve his time for money laundering and bail jumping charges, and  return the underserved National Award he was given by his former protege. After that, he should do some serious public service for a few years to convince us he is indeed a new man. Then maybe Nigerians will be ready to listen to any accusations he has to make against anybody on corruption or listen to his solutions to the menace of bunkering in Nigeria.

Until that time ‘Alams’ should shut up in public. I am not impressed with his belated accusations and are certainly not convinced that he is now a born-again Patriot regarding his disposition towards Nigeria.

We all know the Alams Leopard cannot change his corruption-ridden skin because like the Leopard, that skin is an unalterable part of what makes the man.

About Dr. Ope Banwo

Dr. Ope Banwo is an Attorney; Pastor; Business Consultant; Author; Motivational Speaker, and Corporate Solutions Provider. He holds several degrees in Law including a Bachelors, Masters and a Ph.D. He was admitted to the Nigerian Bar (1986), New York Bar (1997) and Federal Court of Nebraska (1997) in the United States. Ope Banwo has written several published books on different topics over the years including bestsellers in Christianity; Lifestyle; and Business such as The Kingdompreneur, Overcoming The Gideon Complex, The Kingdom Citizen, The Return of The Prodigal; The Blessings of Adversity; African Internet Business Manifesto; Confessions Of A Guru-Wannabe; Social Media Marketing Genesis; Offline-Online Business Manifesto, Digital Marketing Without Tears For Company Executives etc. Deeply committed to public service and service to humanity, Dr Ope Banwo has also initiated several public initiatives including the Ghetto Dreamz Foundation to empower economically-disadvantaged Youths; The Omega Wealth Club to teach youths legitimate ways to employ themselves online; The Kingdompreneur Academy to impact Christians in Business and the Nigerian Market Ombudsman to ensure transparency, accountability and fairness in the market place.

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  1. Timi Tuye

    May 3, 2014 at 5:22 pm

    Guy you fail to realise that the British could no longer be dragged into Nigeria’s dirty domestic politics so they had to tell him to leave their country while they look the other side. Who is Obasanjo to talk about corruption? Of course he may talk because Fela is dead. Who is the original tif tif? And you, you re there writing for money. Nigerians hate truth. Its a known fact that those of you in the social media like you are well paid by politicians to write whatever they like. Its a pity.

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